Helen Howes Textiles

Japanese-bound Books

Plain-paper journals with Japanese bindings
I have discontinued these, as the problems of sourcing good board and cutting it accurately are now proving too difficult.
I used to teach this technique and supply book kits, but as I can no longer lift the Big Drill, I have now replaced this class with Coptic Bookbinding and there will be more new classes in the New Year

What kits I have left, I have made up and put here, but there won't be any more special orders, and when these are gone, that's it, sorry

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Big ones at the top...

A3 - Big Tree

A4 - Boats

A4 - With Quilted Pocket

A4 - Sunbirds

A4 - Pale Linen Sampler

A4 - Pink Elephants

A4 - Sampler

A4 - Leaves

Card Photo Album - Parisian Cats

A5 Red and Navy

A5 Black and White

A5 Dark Star

A5 - Silk Spiral

A5 - Blue Woven

Long - Yukata Fabrics

Long - Blue Shell

A6 - Batik

A6 - Flower

A6 - Prawns

A6 - Russian Dolls

A6 - Seminole